Garage doors are made from several different materials and each of these materials has its own merits and shortcomings. Besides material, there are other sub-factors that will also help in determining the type of garage door that you are going to select. Some of these factors include price, your lifestyle, the ease of operation and maintenance. Sometimes you will have to involve licensed garage door repair experts like the Orlando Garage Door Experts to help you in the selection process and the subsequent door installation. Here are five garage door materials from which you can select the one that best suits your taste and preference.

 Wood and Wood Composite
This is by far the cutest and the most authentic garage door material even though doors made from it are the most costly. They are not affected much by wear, but usually needs frequent refinishing and is not as durable as the other materials. Wood doors are easily customizable and their prices ranges from mid-price to expensive. If you value authenticity more than durability and cost, then this is the right door for you. Wood composite doors weighs less than wood doors, and are less expensive too but as the same value and feeling.

Steel is the most common material for garage doors because it is the best. Most home owners prefer it for a number of reasons. Steel garage doors are reasonable priced, has low maintenance cost, amazingly durable and is available in multiple styles from which you can choose your preference. Steel doors can be painted, and available in textures that mimic wood. The problem with these doors is that they rust and are very prone to dents especially if they have thin panels. Top quality steel door has steel that is 24 gauge at least.

Garage doors made from this material forms a small part of the market. Fiberglass is easily malleable, which means that it can mimic several other materials. You may choose to select the one with the beauty and warmth of wood, or a transparent door to allow soft light into your garage. The material is easily customizable and is great for coastal areas. Its main drawback is the fact that it can turn yellow with time and will eventually break, especially in cold weather.

Aluminum makes lighter garage doors than steel, and can be made to mimic painted wood. Quality aluminum doors are dent resistant, may be insulated and are far more rust-proof than steel doors. The high quality aluminum doors are however quite costly. Cheaper low quality versions will dent easily and is therefore more costly to maintain.

Vinyl doors are extremely hard and don’t easily dent or break. Their construction resembles that of fiberglass but are much more durable and only requires an occasional hose-down. Its main disadvantage is the fact that vinyl doors comes in fewer colors and designs.

Choosing the best door design for your garage can be very tricky. You might want the door to coordinate well with the design of the house to add great value to it besides keeping it safe and secure. Use this information to help you select what suits your home.