Is the door of your garage not operating in a proper manner? Then it will be wise for you to avail the garage door repair service Orlando in the city of Orlando? A garage door needs proper maintenance in order to function in a proper manner. Most of house owners are not aware about the ways to maintain a garage door and thereby face various difficulties. Below have been discussed some of the door maintenance tips that have been recommend by the professional technicians.

Clean the exterior part of the garage door

Make sure to clean the exterior part of garage thoroughly if you are living in a humid climate. You can use a mixture of mild detergent and warm water to clean the outer part of the garage door using a sponge. If you have installed wooden doors then get a soft dry cloth to wipe of the dust from the outer surface. You can then repaint it to give the door a new look. You must repaint a wooden garage door after every two to three years.

Lubricating the various moving parts of the garage door

This is also one of the vital ways to maintain the door of your garage in a proper way. Most of the garage doors have chains and springs in order to enable easier operations. You must use sprayer to lubricate all the hinges, chain and springs of the door. Besides effortless movement, you will also be able to prevent rusting of the various moving parts of the garage door. Make sure to lubricate the various parts once in a year to enable smooth operation.

Tighten each and every part

Due to regular operation of the garage door most of its bolts and screws get loosen. It will be wise for you to thoroughly examine each and every screw and bolts of the door and thereby tighten it in a proper way. Tightening of the screws and bolts is extremely important for proper operation of the garage door.

Lubrication of garage door tracks

This is also one of the vital ways to enable proper functioning of the garage door. You should clean the tracks of the door using the recommended solution and a cloth. After removing the moisture from the tracks make sure to lubricate it for smooth operation.

Clean the obstacles

Does the garage door get stuck half way while you are opening or closing it with the remote control? Then there is surely an obstacle on the tracks of the garage door. You must thoroughly examine the tracks and thereby remove the obstacles from it.

Cleaning the sensor of the garage door

The sensors are also one of the important parts of a garage door. You should clean them with a soft cloth on a yearly basis to prevent problems.

Check wear and tear

You should also check whether there is any wear and tear along the sides of the door in your garage. Make sure to avail garage door repairing services for replacing or repairing the sides. These are some of the tips to maintain the garage door in a proper way. If you are unable to do it yourself or need to replace the garage door then it will be wise to avail new garage door installation service from a professional firm in Orlando.