Not many appliances get as much workout as the garage door. As homeowners, garage doors are probably the last thing you would think about. However, with time garage doors get dilapidated and worn out. As garage doors are the vital part of your residence and one of the key entrances, a dilapidated garage door can pose a threat to the safety and security of the family members. However, before you hire professionals to install a garage door, it is always better to have a detailed knowledge about the garage door parts. Let’s have a look at few important parts of a garage door, disruption of which could lead to severe problems in the functioning of the garage door.

Springs: Garage door springs are divided into torsion springs and extension springs. These are considered as the most dangerous parts of the garage door. When you see a broken spring, timely replacement of the spring is mandatory. As springs are subject to a lot of weight and pressure, it is crucial to hire professionals. Attempting spring replacement without adequate tools and knowledge can lead to severe injuries.

Cables: Generally located on the top right and top left of the garage doors, neglecting the cables can leave it loose. This could lead the garage door to come down on an object. This can prove to be dangerous. Trained and knowledgeable experts can exactly pinpoint the mechanical flaws present in the cables and treat them accordingly.

Garage Door Tracks: Though several reasons can lead the garage doors to come out of the tracks but sometimes the tracks itself could be hit by an object. This could lead to a disruption in the accurate functioning of the garage door.

Panels: Panels form the actual section that makes the face of the garage door. Panels are generally joined by numerous methods like tongue & groove and shiplap. Once the panels get separated from the door, it causes the garage door to get damaged.

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