Garage door springs are very important because they manage about ninety percent of the weight of the door. This also makes them very dangerous. When you are having problems with these springs, it is important to seek the services of a garage door technician in Orlando. Rating of garage doors lifespan depends on the springs. The rating is given as spring’s cycles. Typically, most springs run about ten thousand cycles. Nowadays, certain companies in Orlando sell springs as high as fifty thousand cycles.

broken garage door springs

As soon as you call the expert, the first question that you will ask is how much the broken garage door spring repair will cost you. Here are some of the considerations that the expert will use to estimate the cost of the repair:

  • The size of the garage door. Is it a single or double door?
  • The weight of the door.
  • The springs need replacing. Garage doors in Orlando use two types of springs, torsion springs and extension springs. This makes up the spring system.

As soon as the technician reaches your home, he or she will begin to take measurements so as to make a proper estimate. The technician will also use this time to assess the spring system of the door. The best technicians are those who offer lifetime warranties on springs. Indeed if springs can run for fifty thousand cycles, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to replacement of these parts.

Replacement of springs is in pairs. While only one spring may break at a time, chances are the other will also in a matter of time. . This is why the replacement is in pairs. Working with a broken spring is not advisable. This can lead to damage of the garage door opener.

At all times, the garage door should meet your needs. Additionally, the right springs are those that are able to balance the door properly. The best technicians are those who use the right springs as well as inspect the working of the springs for a few days after installation or repairs. It is therefore important to rely on the services of a qualified technician who understands how to safely remove and replace or repair the springs.