When clients visit or call Orlando Garage Door Repair Experts, they usually have issues with their garage door openers. Some of them are issues with the remote control while others are more complex, involving the electrical system of the opener. The first thing that we do is visit the client’s home to figure out what the problem is.

garage door opener repair

In Orlando, there are times that the weather is very harsh. You do not want the tools that you have kept in the garage damaged. Garage doors that cannot close will definitely give you sleepless nights. This is why we are always available round the clock to assist our clients with problems of garage door openers. Here are some of them:

  1. The remote refuses to work: When the door is opening and closing well using the switch at the wall, the problem is definitely with the remote control. There are cases where the client might be holding the remote very far away from the door that it cannot get the signal. When this is not the issue, we advise our clients to replace the batteries.
  2. The door refuses to move while the remote is working: When this happens, check the motor unit to see if it is still connected. Check the circuit breaker, the fuse and the circuit interrupter. There could be an electrical issue with the door. We advise our clients to release the emergency chain and allow the door to work independently of the opener if the issue is electrical. You can then operate the door manually until our experts arrive to assist you with the issue.

We advise our clients to have an idea of the problem that the garage door opener has. This saves them a lot of time and resources because as soon as they explain the situation, we come prepared to deal with it. With the above tips, you will always call us with an idea of the challenge that you are experiencing with the door. We are available all day every day to serve our clients in Orlando.