There comes a time when the garage door is begging you to let go. If this door has served you for a couple of decades, it really is time to allow the door leave. Installation of a new garage door is always a fun time for the family. The smell of fresh paint and something new that works well is expected. A garage door can definitely change the look and feel of the house.

garage door installation in orlando

Here are some of the installation tips that the garage door technician will consider when installing the door:

  1. Release the tension of the springs in order to remove the springs of the old doors.
  2. Next remove the door panels. The technician will then disconnect the door opener and the door itself.
  3. Install the panel of the door. If the technician is installing a two car door, the door will need a reinforcing bar to stop it from bowing towards the centre. He will then attach the hinges.
  4. The next step involves securing the hinges so as to then install the track.
  5. The spring assembly comes next. This will attach to the track.
  6. The tracks bolt together. The technician will only tighten the bolts when the door has proper alignment and runs smoothly.
  7. Install the springs. Installation of these springs is in sets.
  8. Install the pulleys and rods.
  9. Put the cables in place
  10. Tighten the springs.

Since springs need a certain tension to ensure that they work well, it is important to know how many times you have tightened them. Technicians in Orlando put chalk lines right across these springs so that they can know how many times they have tightened these springs.

Installation of a new garage door in Orlando is important to ensure that the family is safe. A new garage door will keep the family safe from intruders. It is important for the family to have a door that is safe for them to use as well. Relying on the expertise of a garage door technician will ensure that the door serves its purpose.