To save a few bucks, many people hire unqualified and sometimes untrained people to install and repair their garage doors. In doing this, they put to risk security of the users of the garage and valuables housed inside. Also, they end up making their garage doors an easier point of entry to thugs and other criminals who pose as technicians.

Today, due to lack of stringent enforcement of regulations relating to appliances repair and other structural repairs, unqualified people can easily pose as technicians with minimal chances of detection. Therefore, home owners should be vigilant and always review the profiles of the people they hire to fix problems in their houses to ensure that they are not only qualified but are also registered with the relevant bodies and are licensed to operate in their area.

A garage door by itself cannot operate; rather it is a combination of other components that puts it in the normal condition you usually know. These components over time, wear out and to keep the door working effectively, regular maintenance is important. Just like you are advised to visit your dentist or physician regularly even when you are not feeling unwell, the same should be applied to your garage door. Don’t wait until the door breaks down. Regular maintenance will save you costly repairs which you would have otherwise incurred when it breaks down.

When looking for a company to do your garage door repairs, ensure at least they cover the following sensitive areas;

Garage door opener

This includes the electric system that opens the door automatically when you press the opening switch. If the electric circuit of the opener system is faulty, the garage door might fail to open and close and might even fall on your car or garage users causing untold damage.

Garage door cables

Cables hold the door as it opens and closes. When a cable breaks, the door becomes inoperable.

Garage door panels

Panels are prone to wear and tear, as time goes, they crack, bend and at times break and continued use of the door will cause more damage to the door itself.


Faulty springs are very dangerous. If one breaks, ensure both are replaced.

Prevention is always better than cure. Previously, I used to take maintenance of my garage door for granted, but that changed when I came from work one evening to find my garage door open. Going in, I found my valuable electronics all gone. Don’t be like me, search for a good company to do your garage door repairs. Ensure the company has a physical office in your locality. Try Orlando Garage Door Experts and see how they can help you with your garage door problems. They operate in Orlando and its environs. Before you hire them, ensure they are registered and licensed as we said above.