Orlando garage door is an experienced company which is determined to offer full service associated with door system. Generally, we strive towards delivering immediate and unaltered services to our clients; through offering quality door services for our residents’ doors. Our full services are offered at a very competitive rate reflecting the company’s goals.

These services include:

Garage Door Opener Repair

Generally, when doors are used for a long period of time; some problems are experienced. The common potential garage door opener problems are:

  1. The garage door opener straining, not freely in movement
  2. Door opener operates by a remote control and not by the wall switch. That is a sign of short in wiring sign or a switch having a loose connection.
  3. A door reversing when trying to close it or doesn’t completely open or close.
  4. A remote control operates when the door is located 25 feet or less from the opener.
  5. The garage door operates but doesn’t open.
  6. An opener rises but can’t close the door.

It is essential conduct a regular check up on door so as to ensure your door keeps rolling along easily. Orlando garage door expert has very skilled personal that have adequate experience in the execution of the tasks of repairs in all models. They perform the tasks diligently, with due care and in a safe manner. Furthermore, we provide a guide on how to safely maintenance your garage doors to increase its life cycle.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Orlando garage Door Company also offers installation of door opener. Our specialists usually fix the door openers correctly and according to the general accepted standards. Typically, our door openers include:

  1. Lift Master-Screw Drive Openers

Our company installs this type of openers in locations which have moderate climates. The openers are particularly designed to run smoothly and silent in cold and hot temperature conditions.

  1. Belt Drive Opener

This type of opener is generally accepted to be the best in the of garage door opener industry. The opener runs on a steel hard-edged belt. It is more advantageous to the chain opener since it less costly and virtually silent and more reliable.

  1. Chain Driven Opener

This type is the most used because of it is reliability and relatively cheaper. However, it tends to be noisy. Basically, it works by running the garage door on its track by using a metal chain.

  1. Wall Mount Drive Opener

This opener is uniquely designed to save space which mounts on your garage door. It is advantageous in freeing up ceiling space. It eliminates sound and vibration through the ceiling.


What makes us unique from others?

We offer 24/7 garage door services; therefore clients can get in touch with us at any time and get their door problems fixed. Our company offers affordable garage door services. Clients can obtain high quality doors, openers and other related products at favorable prices. All our services and products are cost effective. We provide garage doors of high quality which require low maintenance due to their durability character; as a result clients can rely on them.