There are many garage door problems that require simple servicing and some do-it-yourself maintenance to correct. Problems like paint chips, occasional dents and noisiness are normal and common and with proper maintenance and repair, the whole system will continue functioning smoothly. However, there are signs that you cannot ignore whenever they develop, and the only solution to them is the whole garage door replacement. Orlando Garage Door Experts are highly experienced garage door professionals that will help you through the entire replacement process, from the door selection stage to the last bit of the installation.

Why You Should Replace Your Garage Door

Broken Parts
Some broken garage door spring parts can be replaced easily to restore the efficiency of the system but there are damages which can compromise your garage door’s integrity. Inspect the garage door thoroughly to identify any serious damages that might compromise the safety and security of people living in your home, and that cannot be corrected fully by repairs. A damaged bottom section, splinter and broken edges are signs that you should replace your garage door. Especially for wooden doors.

Increased Utility Bill
If you notice a sudden increase in your electricity bill with no changes in in your usage, then there is a problem with your garage door. You may have to check the door’s insulation. A damaged insulation makes the HVAC unit to work harder than it should to maintain your homes ideal temperature.

Uneven Garage Door
The bottom of your garage door should evenly sit on the floor. The garage door can become uneven from mechanical malfunctioning. If it is uneven, it might allow in insects and varmints to your residence. It will also affect the room temperature of you house, which can in turn affect the amount of energy consumed in the control of the house temperature.

Inadequate Safety Features
Your garage door might look fine and in good shape but does it have the safety features that are necessary to keep everyone in your home safe, including children? Modern garage doors have sensors, detectors and disabling remote system that all ensures safety.

Broken Wires and Cords
Safety and security are the core reasons why you should replace your garage door, and a damaged wiring can compromise these two. The wires and cords controls your garage door movement and if they incur any damages, they might cause serious accidents from sudden closures.

Unpleasant Shaking
Garage doors are usually designed to operate smoothly. Garage doors that shakes weirdly when being opened or closed might need a replacement. Shaking of a garage door means that there are broken parts in the system that causes uneven movement and that replacement or repair cannot get to.

Inconsistent Movement
Whenever you open or close your garage door and it falters, replacement might be the best option to curb the problem. The sudden jerking movements can eventually lead to the total collapse of the entire garage door system, and this can cause serious injuries and property damage. To maintain safety and security in your home, it is better if you replace your garage door with a new and more efficient door. These are problems that will require you to install a new garage door. With the help of qualified garage door repair experts, you will have to select the best door for your garage and the experts will install it for you.