Orlando Garage Door Experts Company is the one stop shop for all your garage door needs. A common challenge faced by our clients is with the garage door opener. There are times when this door opener needs replacing. Selecting a new opener is important when you need to replace the old one.

We assist our clients in choosing a garage door opener that fits their preference. We stock a variety of openers from premium brands while paying attention to quality. If you are looking for an opener that is safe and functional, we have it in stock. Indeed, among our priorities is to ensure that the openers we offer prevent damage to the garage door parts when closing. Here are some tips to assist you in choosing an opener:


We stock three types of garage door openers, chain drive, belt drive and screw drive openers respectively. Belt drive is a perfect choice for our clients who need a quiet opener. This is especially if your garage door is underneath the bedroom. The chain drive is a great option for people who are looking for affordable garage door openers. If you have a heavy garage door, this opener is also a great option. It is also compatible with most doors.

The screw drive opener is perfect for garage doors that have a tilt. Clients looking for affordable and somewhat quiet openers will benefit from this option. We always advise our clients to consider the measurements of the door as well as the material when considering the style of the opener.

affordable garage door openers

Horse power

The choice of horsepower depends on how much power the client needs to open the door. A twenty two width door needs at least half horsepower. Very heavy doors might require one horsepower. We offer garage door openers with efficient horsepower to lift the heaviest doors.

As you shop for a new opener on our website, you can read some of the reviews from our clients to learn more about our services and the different garage models available. Our clients in Orlando also prefer comparing the features of these garage door openers. This assists them in making a decision when it comes to choosing an opener.