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Proper maintenance is the only way to ensure the smooth functioning of garage doors for a long time. For proper maintenance of garage doors, you could do the following:

  1. Inspect it with your eyes. You will have to do this kind of thing every day when you use your garage door. Make sure both the left side and the right side are balanced when it opens and closes. There should be no creaking or screeching sounds when it moves. If there are broken wheels, loose hinges, damaged springs, or any other issues, your best course of action is to hire a garage door repair expert. This is because not all fixes can be done by you. Some are complicated and if you aren’t an expert, you could cause further damage.
  2. Check the garage door’s weather-stripping. The weather-stripping is what keeps the elements away from your home by tightening the garage door’s grip onto the floor. You can always purchase a new weather-stripping at a local hardware store if yours is exhausted.
  3. The moving parts should to be lubricated as regularly as possible. This could be the simple solution to any noises it is making when you open/close it.
  4. Look at the door panel itself to make certain it is not bent or damaged in any other way. Check for rust, faded or peeled paint, or any other such damage.


Cleaning Garage Door Parts

This is essentially part of maintenance, but we can discuss it on its own.

Cleaning a garage door and its parts is vital because it is the only way to eliminate dirt, corrosion and debris that keep it from functioning smoothly. Cleaning the various parts of your garage door is something that can be done every couple of months or so. It can be cleaned only a few times a year and it will be okay.

To do your cleaning, all you need is some mild detergent so as to not corrode the parts of your garage door and a soft brush. Your method of cleaning largely depends on which you are most comfortable with and which you see as most effective. By cleaning these parts, you also inadvertently do an inspection.

The mild detergent and brush and/or rug will not damage any wooden garage door panel. In any case, the wood should be fashioned to withstand the rain and all sorts of precipitation. Cleaning the door this way allows you to rid its parts of sediments and debris that may be lodged in them. These sediments may cause problems to the moving parts such as warping of and could also inhibit proper functioning.



Garage Door Repair

  1. Look for, find and remove any debris that lies within your garage door’s hardware.
  2. Repair the ceiling that is adjacent to your garage door if there are any cracks or wear damage.
  3. If your garage door is remotely operated, replace the batteries that it uses.
  4. Keep an eye on the door as often as you can. Look for any small damage that might be there.
  5. Get a professional to install polyvinyl chloride on your garage door so as to stop mold and moss from growing and to protect it from the elements.
  6. Check and replace the weather stripping on your garage door if it is damaged.
  7. To prevent the weather stripping from sticking to the floor, use silicone spray on it.
  8. Get a professional to repair or replace any broken or dislodged torsion springs that you may notice from your inspection.
  9. Insulate steel garage doors.
  10. Lubricate the door’s moving parts.

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