According to the United States of America consumer product safety commission, there has been a rampant increase in the number of reported garage door accidents each year. This has sparked off hot debates on the really cause of garage door accidents and why they are frequent during summers. The only valid reason that has been given so far for this variation is that garage doors and openers are used more often during summer; opened and closed frequently by playful children and adults. This is the reason as to why we all need these summer garage door tips to follow.

Some of the injuries that result from these accidents include body amputations, fractures and crushed bones. Majority of these accidents are caused by failure of openers, faulty door parts and malfunctioning doors.

garage door malfunction

Summer Garage Door Tips To Follow

>> Keep garage controls and openers where children cannot access, no matter what garage opener brands you have. Never allow a child use a garage opener remote as a toy. Advice neighbors and manufacturers to also include this in their safety instructions when looking for garage door opener brands to buy. Once children get used to garage door remote they will always play with it as a toy when you are around and away. This is what all children and adults are supposed to know even those making garage door openers in Orlando. Why start a bad habit for your children!

>> Explain the dangers involved with garage doors to your children or seek the services of garage door in Orlando. If they know in advance that there is danger associated with playing with the garage remote and opener, then they will desist from it. If your home or garage has a sectional garage door, make sure you advice your children never to place their fingers in between those spaces. You and your neighbours should also make sure you fully understand how to use the emergency release button in a garage door in case one of you gets involved in an accident. The best and easier way to learn these is by seeking advice of garage door experts by typing garage door repair services in Orlando or garage door maintenance.

garage door maintenance

>> Carry out door inspection at least once a month. Take a look at its cables, springs, pulleys, rollers, springs and other sections for any sign of damage and looseness. You should not however attempt to repair any of these sections if you find them worn out. Instead contact a professional to handle that job by typing online garage door maintenance Orlando or garage door services Orlando. Garage door and openers are in high tension. They might snap back and cause serious injuries if handled carelessly.

>> Test the safety of your door at least once in each month. These is done by placing a small but durable object like a 3 by 4 board in the path of the door and ensure it get in contact with the object as it closes. In normal circumstances, the garage door stops and return to the other open position as soon as it gets in contact with the board. If it does not stop and reverse, then it is time to get your garage door repaired or maintained.

garage door maintenance


Prevention is the first step to safety and security of your family and visitors. If your garage door and openers need repair, contact a qualified company to do the job for your safety

Every parent and homeowner should therefore know the dangerous injuries that can be caused by garage door to the guests and family. Having these summer garage door tips to follow will ensure you keep your family safe and sound