When it comes to buying a garage door, there are many factors to consider for the individual garage door repair owner. Choosing a garage door opener to install into your garage could be a bit gruesome considering the variety of garage doors available.


Factors to consider when choosing a garage door opener

  1. Price

Depending on the type of opener you choose, its price will be determined by different factors. Different brands and types of openers such as automatic or manual are also priced differently.

  1. Type of opener

There are three different types of openers. Belt drive openers which run on a rubber belt, chain drive openers which are the noisiest oldest type and cheaper. Also screw- drive openers which require very little maintenance another type is the jackshaft opener which is appropriate for garages with no headroom.

  1. Noise

Belt drive openers due to the use of a belt produce less noise compared to all the other types of openers and are appropriate for all who prefer noiseless functioning of the garage.

  1. Power of the opener

Garage doors are quite heavy. They therefore need a motor a pull them up.  Horsepower opener is quite suitable for residential homes. One can choose more power if they need.

  1. Security features

Garage door openers need to be assessed for security. Garage doors are first and foremost security implements. Garage doors with advanced security features such as a rolling code security, or biometric ensure that you enjoy high security levels for you house and cars.

  1. Battery back up

When there is a power outage it could be difficult to get into your garage. When you have a garage opener that has battery backup you can access your garage at any time.

  1. Height of the garage door

Most garage door openers are manufactured for doors that are up to seven feet high. If your door is much higher you may need to have some modifications which may cost you extra.

  1. Lights

Most standard garage door openers come with lights. It is advisable to buy the opener that allows you to control the lights exclusive of the function of the garage door.

  1. Remote control

Choose openers with reliable remote control features. This is because you may find that if you live in a highly populated area, the frequencies may interfere and you will be opening your neighbor’s door with your remote.

Install it yourself or ask for help

If you feel fully comfortable that you are capable of installing the opener yourself, go ahead and do it, you will save a lot of money. Read the instructions carefully and you are good to go. On the other hand, where you may not be handy enough, do not hesitate to contact a professional to install it for you.

Buying a garage door opener whether for the first time or for replacement these are the factors to consider when you choose which opener you will be buying. Consider all these things and you will have the most appropriate garage door opener for your garage.